Tutoring Programs for Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics in Wollongong.

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What we do:

We provide programs to support learning for Year 11 and 12 students studying biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics in the Wollongong region. Classes are run weekly for 2 hours during the school term where we deliver carefully written and planned tutorials for small groups. Each tutoring session focuses on consolidating key concepts and skills from the syllabus that students would concurrently be learning at school. 


Students are provided with a workbook for each course which includes independently written summary notes, worked examples and practice examination questions. In a typical 2 hour tutoring session, students will be guided through a presentation summarising syllabus points, practice worked examples, have the opportunity to ask questions and clarify their understanding, and complete a variety of examination style problems.

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We offer tutoring courses to support learning in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. These are designed to give students an advantage in their personal learning journey.

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Students are prepared for upcoming modules by early introduction to key concepts and foundational content.


Students’ knowledge is reinforced through summaries, revision and structured practice of exam style questions.


Students consistently review course content, solidifying understanding to support assessment preparation.


Our resources are designed to meet the outcomes and performance descriptors for the Australian Curriculum and the NSW Stage 6 syllabi. These resources include:

  • Content and summary slides
  • Student work booklets
  • Practice questions and exemplar responses
  • Examinations.

In addition to having a strong understanding of the content, examinations (particularly the HSC) require students to be strong problem solvers. Our resources are designed to foster the growth of analytical learners.

Location and Facilities

Our classes run from the Thirroul District Community Centre with easy access from Thirroul train station and off-street parking. The community centre boasts modern facilities, including wheelchair access, toilets, kitchen facilities, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, audio/visual and private outdoor gardens.

Location - Thirroul District Community Centre

All our courses are run out of the Thirroul District Community Centre, conveniently located a short walk from Thirroul train station.


352/358 Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Thirroul NSW 2515


If you have further questions or would simply like to know more about our courses, get in touch via our contact page.